The older I get, the wiser I become, the more that I turn towards the natural rhythms of this planet working in harmony with who I AM and what feels most natural for me.  I have been feeling called more and more to understand how Universal and Planetary energies are working for our highest good and when we honor that connection our daily lives flow more easily and effortlessly.  I have learned so much from my dear sister Rachelle about how Astrology can actually assist in a deeper understanding of what we may be experiencing on a daily basis and how the energy of who I AM aligns so perfectly with so many of my daily experiences.  It has been truly profound for me to awaken to this new knowledge to assist in the daily workings of life.  I now understand why the science of Astrology has endured and some of our oldest cultures turn to it for guidance.  I feel incredibly blessed to have a dear friend that is gifted in Intuitive Astrology and can so quickly and easily give me more clarity on what may be causing certain circumstances in my life and it ALWAYS has a divine purpose.

Within these new understandings I have begun to let go of my need to adhere to the Gregorian calendar of January 1st being the best time to set intentions.  It has always been a bit of a struggle for me as I still feel a little sluggish at this time of the year, so it always felt as though I was pushing to adhere to what society has deemed the time to reset.  As I have opened and come to welcome ancient understanding of how we flow with nature and universal energy it feels far more natural for me that this time of year is still in our Rest and Renew stage.  Looking towards the Spring Equinox as a more natural time for profound shifts to take place.

As I began to look at the New Year for 2024 I knew that January 1 did not FEEL right for me to set intentions and force myself into action so it was of course welcome to hear Rachelle’s recommendations for harnessing the New Moon energy on January 11th and begin the process of intentions for our upcoming year as I certainly am feeling called to begin this shift from a cocoon stage through winter and the celebratory holiday time into the powerful energy of transmuting all that we have experienced in 2023.

This past year has proven to be quite a challenge for so many of us and I can say personally it felt a bit like a time warp as I cannot even fathom the sheer amount of shifts and changes that I experienced in only 1 year!  While I witness and begin to shift my own personal practice towards a more ancient way of working with the natural world and her processes I am still grounded in our current society and celebrate this New Year with my family.  I still honor and love this time, I am simply also loving and honoring what feels more in flow for me personally.  I love how Rachelle’s journal prompts are still guiding us towards reflection for this time which feels much more in alignment with how I am personally feeling.

You see, I am a person that chooses to celebrate life and I don’t restrict myself when I feel like truly honoring and living life.  For me that means a lot more food, sugar and wine than I would normally welcome into my body and I definitely suffer a little but it is always a conscious decision to enJOY and I really love sweets and good wine so I indulge over the holidays.  While I may not feel ready to step fully into all of my intentions for 2024 I am definitely ready to begin the cleansing process that I always begin after the holidays lol!!  My body tells me what I need to know and I begin to let go of the celebratory feelings that I embrace around Thanksgiving and continue through Christmas.  For me this has become a natural process that I embrace and I honor.  I do not chastise myself for putting on a few extra pounds, I do not lecture myself for missing some workouts, I simply allow this natural process to occur for me in whatever way feels good knowing that I will soon be shedding this and will once again embrace a cleaner way of being for my body that will assist me as I move into this New Year.  I understand fully that the food, the sugar, the alcohol does not support me energetically in the way that I require so I release it.

This has all become very natural and is a loving way of me supporting my human experience along with understanding who I AM spiritually.  I share this with you here now as I know so many struggle through this time of the year and it is my own personal practice to release the struggle and truly embrace the human experience along with the awakening experience.

I am dedicated to both living and enJOYing all that this world has to offer AND being the fullest expression of my own I AM presence in the way that I choose.  We only have this one life as this person in this body and I choose to live it according to my own wishes and desires in alignment with our beautiful Earth and my connection with Divine Spirit.  It is always my wish and my prayer that ALL BEINGS embrace and understand their own perfect life in whatever way that looks like for them.

This is what I hope to share with others.  Find your truth and live it in your way.  Release the “should’s & should not’s”. When you are able to do this you capture a freedom within you that can only be experienced.  Let go and live in the way you want to live.  Even the words that I share with you here today are my words and my experience and I only share them to serve as a reflection into your own heart.  They may resonate, they may not.  It’s all good.  Find your way my dear friend and you will live a life of ease, grace and bliss.  Maybe not every moment of every day but most moments and I believe this is an absolutely beautiful way to navigate this human experience.

I honor you, I love you and I hold in my heart for you blessings for a most magnificent 2024!

Much love, Treasure