I spent nearly a week in Mount Shasta last week hosting an intimate women’s retreat and while this was an absolutely incredible time with and for others; it was an even more critical point in my own remembering and awakening journey.  You see as a Mother, Wife and active participant in our society I sometimes feel as though I am walking a tight wire between this physical realm and the far more expansive and frankly exciting inner realms.  As I explore more and more within I am opened to so much more than I could ever comprehend if I had stayed small and simply journeyed this life without diving deeper into my own Soul’s Calling.

This is I believe one of the more challenging aspects of the Spiritual Journey at least for those of us who have deep and meaningful connections with others that are not choosing this spiritual path for their lives.  I used to think that it would all be so much easier if I had a husband who was a dedicated yogi with me and we simply dropped out of society and chose to do something radically different from the norm.  I used to believe all sorts of things though.

What I have come to understand fully is that we are exactly where we are meant to be, with exactly who we are meant to be with.  My husband, my children, my family and this wacky society helps to keep me grounded in this world.  It all is working in Divine Order to keep me HERE.  If it weren’t for these people who knows where I would be floating off to.

It is the world that we came to experience after all.  I know for myself I came to experience it ALL.  The profoundly beautiful and the profoundly difficult.  I have come to understand for myself that this journey in society and as a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend is serving me in ways that I could never receive in any other journey of life.

I have received many messages and visions where a bridge is present since I was in my mid-30’s and I thought I had understood what I was being shown, however it has become far more clear recently and while I was in Mount Shasta that this vision of the bridge became a mission for me.

I am being shown how to walk this Spiritual Path expanding, exploring, remembering and awakening WHILE I spend weekends at sports tournaments, WHILE I develop relationships with others that do not at all know the real work I do, WHILE occasionally attending Catholic Church service in support of my beloved husband who finds peace and solace in this way of worship, WHILE continuing to support and guide my nearly grown children and WHILE owning and operating a small business.

I now know this to be the bridge.  Living in this world but not of this world.  Waking each day and knowing that every bit of this chosen life is here to serve ME just as every bit of your chosen life is there to serve YOU.

As I stepped back into this grounded life after such an absolutely incredible time spent exploring with Spirit in Mount Shasta, I have found myself on shaky ground.  After having had such incredible clarity, wisdom and guidance showered upon me I have such a clear and profound understanding of this bridge we must stand on between who we REALLY are and this LIFE that we have chosen to experience.

As I searched my own heart this morning knowing that I was meant to share, I had this sense of wanting to share something esoteric and beautiful for you, however I was guided to share from the heart which is sometimes not so beautiful, clear and perfect.  It is sometimes filled with feelings that may seem confusing and conflicting and this journey that we are all on together is a JOURNEY.  There is no destination.  It is a day by day; moment by moment experience and I decided a long time ago that I was here to be real and authentic in ways that made me very uncomfortable so that I could grow and shine a light for others to simply BE in whatever ways they need to be.

I am exploring some really incredible things with Spirit now and frankly I don’t fully understand all of it as these portals of love and light open within me.  As you know though I am a YES with and for God and for humanity.  I am called to share from a wide opened and humble heart with the loving guidance and support from the Ascended Masters, the Angels & the Archangels and my own Highest Spirit and Divine Presence.

Even as I stand on the firmest of ground feeling the power of the Earth’s Energy coupled with the power of the Mother/Father God Creation and knowing without a doubt who I AM…who we ALL ARE; there is a human part that still struggles at times.  The beauty of The Work and the undying commitment to my own practice is that this struggle is now minuscule and simply holds no weight for me anymore.  I can assure you it is worth the difficult journey that is the Spiritual Path.

One thing that I know to be true without a shred of doubt is this; All is Well & EVERYTHING is happening for your highest good.  This knowing will carry you through absolutely anything that this life has to offer.

This I know to be true 🙏

Much Love & Many Blessings