One of the more difficult parts of the spiritual journey is to look deep within our own hearts and admit to ourselves our role in the challenges and difficulties that we face.  It is much easier and more widely accepted and discussed to blame.  Most of us will easily and effortlessly find fault in another before looking at how we created the situation that we find ourselves.  We dig deep into our own emotions and project “out there”.  Our mind will gladly assist, create and verify stories about how and why someone or something has wronged us.  Most in our world will then talk about these stories and these feelings with others further validating and strengthening within our own ego why it is not our fault and that another must be to blame.

The true spiritual aspirant will see these feelings and these stories for what they are.  Wounds within our own being that were most likely formed from some long ago trauma finding their way to the surface through our current suffering.  As we dive deeper into silence and surrender with God we must ask the hard questions of ourselves.

“What role did I play in this situation?”

“How did I create this current reality?”

“What is there for me to learn and understand?”

“What am I holding onto that is creating suffering within my own mind and heart?”

The answer is never out there.  The problem is not coming from some other person, some damaged society, some unconscionable leader.  Our own perspective, our own story, our own trauma is our current problem.  Until we take FULL ownership for our own part in our suffering we will never understand our True Nature of Oneness WITH and IN God Presence.

We must take absolute personal responsibility and acknowledge how the words that we speak, the thoughts that we think and the feelings that we allow to take root are the cause of our own struggles.

Every single thing that is happening in our lives is happening for our highest good.

Sit with that, meditate upon that and uncover in your own heart and in your own way the truth within this statement.  The ego mind will resist this truth and will give a plethora of examples of how this cannot be true.  Certain truths were not meant to be understood from the mind space; they must come from the heart space.

I often say, as do many others, this path of awakening is the Way of the Warrior.  The easy way is to blame, to distract yourself and get lost in the stories created to validate and support a victim mentality.  The path of awakening to your Divine Nature is to dive deep into another way.  A way of exploring your own traumas and psyche from a place of absolute sovereignty and power with and in God Presence.

When you choose this path you are met with an unfathomable amount of love and grace supporting and guiding you through it all.  You will grow and strengthen through each struggle and through every heartbreak.

You will ultimately come to the place of remembering the Power, the Strength and the Wisdom of All That Is pulses through every ounce of your being and that nothing can ever take that away from you because it IS YOU.