This message was gifted to Spiritual Teachers of the Yoga of Self Ascension Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa nearly 20 years ago from Archangel Zadkiel.  As I read it this morning my heart leapt with a deep sense of familiarity.  Since I have committed myself fully to Surrender and Trust in God I have been guided to this reminder over the years and as with all wisdom teachings they are timeless and they have been shared over and over again throughout our recorded history.

As my curious mind loves to find the threads throughout all and knit them back together through my own understanding and Divine Wisdom this particular bit of guidance landed deeply this morning.  I used to think it was so difficult to stay in and with the presence of God outside of my meditations, now I understand that the difficulty lies within being separate from the presence of God AT ALL TIMES.

Since my heart expanded and opened to the Divine Nature of All That IS nearly 8 years ago now I have maintained this deep longing for full mergence with Divine Presence and have been navigating my way through this world, my own personality and all of its strangeness.  Once, I thought that the deeper and more expansive spiritual work that I was being guided to was quite strange…now I feel exactly the opposite.

I cannot imagine going back to the limitations of living from the space of the ego mind being in the drivers seat of my life.  It is astoundingly limited and small and my gypsy soul finds the explorations within my own heart so magical and mystical.  Since stepping fully into Surrender and understanding from the deepest parts of myself TRUST in this DIVINE UNIVERSE the most incredible synchronicities continue to weave into my life.

I can no longer see the “disappointments” or “failures” as anything other than beautiful guidance towards remembering deeper and more profound truths.  I can no longer give any of the judgements or harsh criticisms that used to occupy my mind towards myself or others any merit at all.  They now seem to me to be little specks of dust in the grand tapestry of my own Enlightened Being.

I see and experience all of this AS I still live fully grounded in this world and the navigation of relationships, health, finances, social media, news, religion and all that it means to be a woman in this world of today.  I have chosen not to turn away from it all; I have turned into it with Spirit guiding the way through it all.

I have come to understand that there is no THERE to get to on this journey, it is the moment by moment awareness and intention of keeping my eyes on the Divine…AT ALL TIMES that keeps my heart expanded and opened.  Most importantly in the moments when my ego mind wants to try and put me back in the box of limitations, judgement, doubt, hesitancy & fear.

I AM so much more than I ever could have imagined.  YOU ARE so much more than you can imagine.  Look to the brothers and the sisters amongst us that have broken free and question your own limiting belief patterns and habits that keep you separated from living a most magical life experience.

Even though there may be times when you feel as though you want to close the doors of your heart as the vast unknown can seem terrifying to the limited mind, I promise you that if you continue to step forward through the fear your rewards will be boundless.

I am you…you are me…we are ONE.

Much Love,

Treasure Milinovich