I have come to understand fully that without love for the self, you can never truly and whole-heartedly love another. The purity of love without any restrictions, judgments, expectations for others and the self is our greatest attainment in this lifetime. This love opens us up to a deeper knowledge of who we are and why we are here.

How can we really know what it means to love the self though? As with all things when we need an answer, we investigate. We look for the signals within and all around that are showing us truth about what we think and feel.

What do we say to ourselves? What are the most common thoughts that we are having in regards to the self? Do we hold a lot of judgment and expectation? Are there a lot of “should’s” & “should not’s” in our internal dialogue. Do we find comparison and judgement as a mainstay in the conversation happening with self?

What are we willing to do for the self? Are we willing to feed the body the foods that we know work best for us? Are we drinking plenty of water to keep the body functioning at the highest levels? Are we choosing on a regular basis to move the body in the way that it requires to remain supple and free?

How often do we say YES to our own peace? Are we putting our own mental and spiritual well-being at the forefront of our lives or do we regularly put our “to-do” list above our own needs?

We are being shown all of the ways on a daily basis where we can choose to love the self. Are we paying attention or living in a state of distraction?

Ask yourself these questions from a place of absolute love and acceptance as you would with a little child that is looking to you for guidance and support. Release ALL expectations and the need to understand WHY you are or are not choosing love for the self.

Allow space for the complete absence of judgment. Simply notice from a place of total acceptance of what IS. No need to make a plan to change it. No need to write down your goals to be any different. Simply be with yourself noticing from a place of unconditional love. Giving yourself the same compassion you would give to a dear friend that came and unburdened their heart with all of the dark thoughts and feelings they were having.

You would not judge or condemn; you would love and support. This is the beginning of truly loving the self. Simply treating YOU as you would a beloved that was in need.

WE are in need. WE as a collective are in need of LOVE and it starts with YOU. Unburden your mind and your heart, see the silent assassin within that keeps you in a place of self-judgement, self-criticism, maybe even self-loathing. Tell this silent assassin…NO MORE.

Look deep within your own eyes and find the love.

Make this your highest priority…the ability to look at your self and know unconditional love. As you look within your own heart you will be guided to mentors and practices that will assist with this work; trust your own internal wisdom to show you the way. There are an abundance of guides and paths to assist in your own remembering and awakening, search within your own heart and trust the answers you receive.

You have everything you need within.

Much love and many blessings.

Shared by Treasure Milinovich. Treasure is the founder of The Space. As a compassionate Spiritual Guide, she utilizes hands-on energetic techniques, guided meditation, sound therapy, and intuitive guidance to create space for others to awaken. There are many opportunities at The Space to join Treasure and benefit from her gentle guidance with 1:1 sessions, intimate group sessions or spiritual retreats.