Whenever I am in a large gathering of people this is the message that I hear. I will admit that this for me is the most difficult along this path of awakening as I will often find myself thinking that if it weren’t for all the people the journey would be so much easier. I suppose this is why I always hear this particular message. I come to understand that through this message and my own ability to truly love others as I love myself and as I love my most beloved and cherished is a key that I have yet to fully unlock on this journey.

I do feel acknowledgement arising; an inner call of my heart in this moment that I do love people as I give so much of myself to others that there is a deep love for humanity that resides within me. It is the darkest parts of mind that will work to keep me (and us all) separate from one another through the stories of judgement, disappointment, disgust and fear. It is through this believed separation where we will remain trapped. When we can look into the eyes of a complete stranger and see the deeper connection of ONENESS we will experience a most profound sense of freedom and love that cannot be matched through anything else. There is a deep love of nature that will crack open parts of us; a deep love that we experience with our dearest people that cracks open another part of us; however it is this other part that is necessary to attain true enlightenment that can only be obtained when seeing the Divine connection through and in us ALL.

It is our ability to fully release all judgement of our human brothers and sisters that will provide us with an opportunity to unlock a part within ourselves where every bit of our power resides. Until we are able to truly love others…ALL others…without restriction we will remain bound in the story of separation. We will experience moments of pure bliss and connection but we will always come back to the disconnect of separation when the stories and the judgements of others arise.

Divine connection cannot exist with any judgement. Judgement is one of our greatest diseases in the mind as it runs rampant in our culture and our society. It is a deep wound within the collective consciousness that must be healed for us to fully ascend to our natural state of BEING. This natural state of pure love and bliss that we touch in our meditations and our journeys with Source will only maintain itself for us once we are able to move past the judgement for our dear brothers and sisters.

Love one another. It seems like a most difficult task, I am the first to admit, however when you allow yourself to Surrender into the arms of the Divine and quiet the mind all things are possible. When you Trust with every ounce of yourself that this is a Loving and Supportive Universe that is working for your highest good in every moment and every message you are able to drop the story of separation and you do not have to TRY to love others. It is a natural state of occurrence that will rise up within you as this is who you are.

You are a Divine, Loving Being that knows and understands fully that YOU are ONE with ALL so there is simply no room for judgement or separation as it is not a TRUTH within the REALITY of ALL THAT IS. The Divine Wisdom of the I AM PRESENCE resides within us ALL; we simply must clear our minds of the vast amounts of clutter that keeps it hidden in the silence and the stillness that eludes the mass majority of humans.

The beautiful gift of you committing to your own work and your own remembering of this I AM presence is that others around you will be drawn into the light of THIS presence and will in their own time and their own way remember for themselves. It is simply our job to give the space for this remembering with a deep love and compassion for the journey of awakening for all.

Much Love and Many Blessings