It is within our ability to consciously communicate with others that we are able to experience and understand the whole truth within the situations that arise in our lives that may cause us disharmony. If we retreat into our own minds without and open hearted discussion we are left to the stories that the ego mind creates.

These stories will come from our own past experiences and our own past traumas more often than not, bearing little resemblance to the actual truth from anotherโ€™s point of view.

Within the still quiet place of compassion and love we open our hearts to seeing and feeling from anotherโ€™s perspective and we are given an opportunity to find our way together.n

It does not mean that beliefs will always align perfectly as we are all on our own journey and we come to Universal Truth in our own time and in our own way.

From a deeper place within ourselves the misalignment in beliefs no longer matters as much as the ego mind convinced us that it did. We can move forward in a resonate harmony of humanity that rises above the limiting belief systems of our own ego mind and connect through the heart.

When we can see our own stories manifesting within and separating us from others we step into a moment of mastery for ourselves. Whether or not the other is open and available to this conscious communication is not of your concern it is the growth within your own being that continues.

You can then stand in absolute love for another in the field of Divine Presence and know the truth. You have served one another well on this journey of being human and this beautiful brother or sister has assisted you in a powerful breakthrough.

In that moment you are able to draw a deeper sense of gratitude, understanding and compassion for yourself and for the other(s).

We are ALL in this together