I have been teaching the last couple of months from Deepak Chopra’s New Book Living in the Light. I highly recommend to all. It also has 50 simple yoga poses from Sarah Platt Finger in the back. A simple and beautiful Yogic philosophy book to guide us all into living in the light. n

Deepak breaks the yogic philosophy down to assist you into clearing out the clutter and living free and light

With Love,

Heather Aroesty

Shared by Heather Aroesty. Heather, a gifted teacher, shares her love for yoga by offering classes focused on mind, body and soul. Her style of teaching focuses on the mind, body, and soul. A slower flow that moves the body through poses safely, with vitality and longevity as the main goal,. ,Join her for The Medicine of Yin or experience the many benefits of pranayama in her Healing Breath class.