On this beautiful Easter weekend I am brought deeply into the message of ascension.  Christian’s all around our world will celebrate the resurrection of their chosen Lord today and it is a really beautiful and profound message.  In my personal relationship with Yeshua I was guided to see myself in Him and to love myself as I had grown to love Him.  After being in a place of devotion with Him for many months during my sabbatical, He called me to place that devotion within my own heart.  It was the first time that I ever looked into my own eyes and felt the deepest and most profound love for myself.  In that moment everything changed for me.

In that moment I knew without a doubt that I was ONE with God.  In that moment I began to understand the teachings of Jesus The Christ in a completely different way.  When I read the words that were shared from his disciples I could see through the dogma and feel into the heart of the Man that lived over 2000 years ago.

I could relate to Him in a completely different way and He became my brother and He became my greatest ally for this human journey.  Over the years since that time I have opened so much and have come to Know many of my guides and many other Ascended Masters.  My learning and my expansion continues each and every day in each and every moment and I now call to the ALL within the loving realms of Divine Presence.

Yeshua will always be a close companion as I call out in the times of my own doubt, fear and confusion.  In those moments when I open my heart and I reach out for assistance I am immediately lifted and I remember who I AM in God WITH Yeshua and ALL the others that have walked this human journey and ascended beyond the veil of separation.  Remembering and realizing their own Divine Nature while BEING in human form.

He has reminded me through the whispers in my heart, through profound and definite messages through my Divine Mind, through others words and inspirations and through his own teachings while walking our beloved Gaia that I AM no different than HIM.  YOU are no different than HIM.

He had to give his life for his message of Love and Light.  We do not.  We can stand in the Wholeness and the Perfection of God Presence and hold that light with Him in our current reality without fear.  We live in a time when so many are remembering and reclaiming their Oneness with God Presence; so many are awakening to the Truth within their own Hearts and HE was one of the FIRST to walk the Warriors Path and Slay his own Demons to RISE UP in the GLORY of GOD PRESENCE.

I weep for his sacrifice and his suffering on this human plane yet I rejoice in his Awakening and his Message of Love that lifted me from my own suffering and showed me a new way of BEING in this human form.  Today as I ENJOY LIFE with my beloved family I lift my heart to HIM in celebration of who I know him to BE.  A Divine Creator of Love and Light the same as YOU and ME.

Much Love and Many Blessings.