When I spend any significant time paying attention to our current “reality” I always feel the same way.  There is a feeling of absolute disconnect from the collective narratives that seem to take center stage in our culture and a part of me feels as though the whole world has simply gone crazy.  I like to think that I am a person that lives simply from a place of common sense; yet it doesn’t seem as though common sense is so common anymore.  It feels more and more divided and rancorous than I can ever personally recall in my life.  Of course I am sure there have been plenty of times throughout our history where it has been just as bad “out there” or even worse and I am sure that every generation has similar feelings as I can recall phrases from my childhood such as, “the world is going to hell in a hand basket”, remember that one 😂

As I sit and I witness I can understand why people feel the way they do and I can clearly see all of the different perceptions that are driving such negativity and division.  I have been saying for so long now that we need people with influence to stand up and be apart of the solution rather than the problem and while I am seeing more of that than I was 2 years ago there is still so much that is being called to be done.

As a person that believes deeply in service for others I wonder what can I do?  I’m sure so many of us ask ourselves the same question as our world seems so lost and so many are suffering greatly.  I am always brought back to a time when I was in my own self-made sabbatical and I had such a beautiful understanding that if I never even spoke to another person about my realizations with God and I simply sat in the space of love with and for others I would be doing a great service to humanity.

There are many in our world that have come to this world and in their lifetime they are called to simply hold space in this way, they are quietly radiating love, peace and freedom through the power of the heart and the mind in union with God.  They are tucked away in the forests and the mountains far away from the dense and chaotic energy that we all live in each day.

Most of us however are called to BE in the world and to witness what is happening all around us without having a large platform or much influence to make significant changes.  When I look within my own heart and ask, “what will I do” I am always brought deeper into surrender and trust in all that is happening.  I am shown that when one of us chooses to allow God to work through us and we choose each and every day to stand firmly in a place of love, peace, forgiveness, grace we are sending out a searchlight into the Universe of our YES to humanity waking up and our world stepping out of the darkness and into the light.

Each one of us can choose to work through our own personal pain and suffering clearing and transmuting the traumas in our lives that may keep us from experiencing the fullness of the love, light reality.  When we choose this path and we work diligently on our own Awakening and our own Expansion we are clearing a path with and for the collective.

We are ONE.  In this ONENESS each person plays a part for the healing of the whole therefore your YES to self is a beautiful gift to ALL.  It occurs to me you are doing far more good by going within your own heart and spending time and energy in Self-Realization than you would be screaming for change in the current chaos of our society.

You are a force to be reckoned with when you find and know the I AM Presence within your own being.  You can actually “be the change you want to see” when you dive deep into your own heart and allow yourself to step forward full, complete and whole with Divine Presence.

For some of us the call is to be “out there” in action and for some of us the call is to be “in here” in action.  Neither is right or wrong we all just have to make a choice to stand up and do what is necessary to live from an Awakened Space to assist in the tipping point of remembering the Divine Nature of us all in a New Reality.

Remember it is very easy to get caught up in the stories and the perceptions of a wounded world.  Be a healed heart in this world and you will have done a great service to humanity.

Much love & many blessings!