It has been exactly 5 years since I experienced a profound sense of loss and sadness at the prospect of having lost The Space. At that time it was 1 little room that I had been invited to share energy work from a dear sister Lacey. The first time I stepped foot into that space in August 2018 I felt something profound and powerful and it was the perfect place to support me as I came back after a 2 year sabbatical from working with people. In November 2018 Lacey informed me that she didn’t feel called to be there anymore and asked if I would like to take over the lease. At that time with Christmas looming and having no desire whatsoever for any kind of commitment or stress I said no. I was a little heartbroken as I was settling into this little place and felt so at home there as I was in process of discovering who I was as this newly Awakened person living my life from a complete place of Surrender and Trust.

From that place I let The Space go and decided to just go back into my own meditation practice at home. At the end of January 2019 as I sat in meditation I was overcome with a sense of loss that I have never experienced before. I felt a deep sadness for not having this Space any longer. On a “whim” I called Lacey just to see what was going on with the space; she informed me that technically it was still there but she was a few months behind on rent and hadn’t been there in quite some time.

It that moment I knew I was meant to have it and for me The Space was born.

At that time I had no idea what was to come but I knew I did not want to run a business in the traditional way and I even resisted creating any legal framework for the business and didn’t even start the LLC until January 2020. I came into this Space with a completely open heart and I always allowed The Space to lead me as I trusted fully that whoever was meant to be at The Space both clients and facilitators would be drawn here.

Somehow I understood from the very beginning that I was never the owner of The Space even though I didn’t know at the time what that meant. It always seemed to me that this space was a living, breathing entity and my job was to simply do my best in assisting her to grow and flourish. Admittedly I have not always done a great job at that as my own ego drive would occasionally flare up and want to take the reins of The Space. Thankfully I had done enough personal work before saying Yes to The Space that I always knew when this was happening and I would adjust myself; sometimes on my own and sometimes precipitated by some challenging situation.

In the very beginning of this journey the guides that support The Space from the unseen realms would show me that this place would always been in a state of flux. People would come and go; both clients and facilitators. I was being guided in a profound spiritual practice of non-attachment. I was being shown so clearly that my own attachment to The Space and to any of the people that come through would cause me the most pain and suffering.

This practice of non-attachment has given me some of my more difficult lessons at The Space. You see when you work with people in some of the deepest spiritual levels that I do at The Space you create incredible bonds that at the time you feel will last forever. What I have come to understand is that they will last forever just not necessarily on the human plane.

We are here with one another to assist in our own souls growth and that means that sometimes that growth must come through pain, suffering and hardship and sometimes at the hands of those that we felt an unbreakable bond with. My trust in this loving Universe has shown to me that ALL things are happening for our highest good therefore I ALWAYS look for and ultimately find the good in every situation and every relationship even if it has ended with pain.

This is always a bit of a process and even once I feel healed and I can sometimes still feel the sting of the hurt within my own heart but my Trust and this deep well of Love that I discovered always strengthens me and I continue to grow. I surrender deeper and I continue to say YES to my Souls Journey as this human being in this lifetime.

It is not always easy to see the good and to stay in the light but for me it is the only way so as I travel through the darkness I use powerful prayers and practices to show me the way back into the place of LOVE.

As you awaken to your own Divine Nature within you will only hold within your heart wishes for well-being for ALL regardless of what they may have done or said. The ego mind space will attempt to drag us into the muck with others in an effort to protect us and to put us above those that may have caused us pain. With the gentle heart leading it is our job to guide our own ego back into a space of love, peace & forgiveness for ourselves and for others.

We have been shown the way through the ages with an abundance of practices. We simply have to find the ones that work best for us on our own journey. I am strengthened from the pain and the disappointment. I see more about myself and the ways that I can continue to grow. Because of this every single situation and every single person serves me well on my journey of Remembering and Becoming.

For this I am grateful.

“May all beings know peace, may all beings experience well-being, may all beings have love, may all beings awaken to their true nature.”

Much love & Many blessings!

Treasure Milinovich