The deeper that we dive into the understanding of who we really are beyond the stories in our own minds; we touch a place within where all things are known and all things flow easily and effortlessly. We can call it magic but the truth is, this is our natural state of beingness. We are the magic. We are the blessings and the grace that we seek, we are the light and the love that we crave. Not some of us…all of us.

There are some that will put themselves above and you will feel as though they have something that you do not have. This is never true, you have it all within you. It may remain hidden from you in the moment as you continue along your journey remembering truth for yourself but it is never not a part of you. We all have a divine destiny and we all have beautiful gifts to share. Some may be well known and share with countless others and some may simply touch those around them in the most profound ways. Neither is better or more powerful than another.

The light shines within you and if you have yet to experience that light; give yourself grace. There is no timeline on this journey. Some will awaken as infants and live their entire lives knowing the truth, some will remember at the moment before their death. Neither is better than the other. Both are exactly as they are meant to be for the individuals journey. When we release our need or desire to know, the knowing will come more easily. The more that we hold tightly to a deep need within ourselves the harder we make things. When we allow for remembering to occur in its own time, we are signaling to the Universe that we trust. We surrender our own needs and desires and trust in our own personal journey to unfold in its own time and its own way.

Our sole commitment that we take upon ourselves is the practice. The practice to still and quiet the mind and allow space for the heart to open more fully. As the heart opens we begin to experience the “magic”. We become aware of the many synchronicities in life. Things begin to flow more easily and effortlessly. We become attuned to everything that is happening around us and within us in a way that we may have never experienced or have not known for some time.

As the heart continues to open and expand, the mind settles into its most natural role. The beautiful creator and the powerful partner of the awakened heart. Once you experience this Divine partnership even if it is only for a few moments of awareness you have cracked open something within you that will never sleep again.

You may falter in your awareness and your practice and you may find yourself falling back into old habits that had kept you closed off and asleep; but you will ALWAYS come back. Once the door is opened in this lifetime it can never be closed. You do not need to worry or stress when you find yourself in these times. They are all there to serve you. If you find yourself once again lost you are meant to be lost. Forgetting is simply an opportunity to remember in a new way.

There are no should’s or shouldnt’s on this journey. It is ALL divine. Every bit. Each time that you remember to practice…pause, breathe, create a moment for stillness…you are strengthening Self. As the I AM presence finds its way into you again and again you remember the truth. The Magic is In YOU.

You are loved beyond measure, you are never alone, you are a powerful being of love and light.


Shared by Treasure Milinovich. Treasure is the founder of The Space. As a compassionate Spiritual Guide, she utilizes hands-on energetic techniques, guided meditation, sound therapy, and intuitive guidance to create space for others to awaken. Treasure offers Large & Small Group Ananda Awakening Sessions, Monthly Women’s Awakening Circles. Energetic Space Blessings and Clearings and Private Offerings on a limited basis. There are many opportunities at The Space to join Treasure and benefit from her gentle guidance in intimate small group sessions or larger community sessions.