Keep it simple sweets.  I have to continually remind myself of this through the Spiritual Journey.  There are so many practices, so many paths, so many ideas and explorations that beg to be explored by the curious mind.

I find for myself that keeping my practice simple and basic most effectively keeps me in a place of peace.  Each time that another philosophy, belief or practice opens before me I am tempted to deviate from the simple practices that have guided me for all of these years and have awoken my heart to all the truths that I personally require in this lifetime.

The rabbit hole of spirituality is deep and vast and it is very easy to find yourself lost in the mind searching for the origins of All That Is.  Yes it is all very interesting and can certainly captivate for a lifetime however for me personally my most beautiful moments come from the simplicity in mindfulness.  This is the place I trust implicitly and know without a doubt that my own ego is not at work pulling me away from what really matters for my life.

Being with the breath, stilling the mind to the degree that the heart opens and the exploration within ensues.

The Divine connection fills me so completely and I understand that I don’t NEED to dive any deeper with my mind.  My heart holds all the truth I personally ever require for this lifetime.

Curiosity is an interesting thing.  It is of course such a beautiful part of the journey however for me can also serve as a trap moving me further away from my desired destination.

The profound peace that is inexperienced in the simplicity of Breathe…Surrender…Trust.

All is Well