Rest & Renew

Women’s Healing Retreat

February 8-11, 2024

This message is for my dear sisters that may find themselves with a deep desire to have an extended bit of space. 2-3 times a year I leave my family for a long weekend of prayer, silence, ceremony & communion with nature. In other words I RETREAT. I leave the loud and hectic pace of motherhood, household, business and society and I give myself an opportunity to restore. I have come to find retreats to be critical for my own well-being and strengthening the connection with my Higher Self and with All That Is. For me it is non-negotiable and my husband understands and supports this deep need I have to be away from it all. I always come back from these quick trips feelings completely renewed. It always feels as though something has been reset deep within and I am able to step more fully into my life once again.

A dedicated time for you is an opportunity to slow down, consciously reconnect to who you are not just for an hour or a couple hours but for a few days.

A spiritual retreat is a time to honor you. It is a time to say yes to your needs. The old saying, “a woman’s work is never done” shows itself to be true for so many of us and this constant state of action begins to wear us down physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Holding space for women during a retreat is one of my greatest honors as my own personal experience with retreats has been so profound and an important part of my own journey. It was during my times on retreat with an intimate group of like-hearted women where I experienced some of my most profound moments of healing and breakthrough. People will often ask how I did all of this spiritual work while being a mother to 3 children and usually running some kind of business; the answer is always dedicated time to Self. Through it all I always made time and created space for me. Even when my children were small at least once a year I would say yes to me. It was as if I had an internal knowing of how important this was for me to bring the best out of myself and it was in these dedicated times for myself I was actually doing more for my family by putting myself first in these moments.

This is why you will hear me say so often…”Say YES to YOU” it isn’t some catchy phrase for me. I know deep within that I would not be where I am today without my own commitment to honoring myself and putting myself first over the years. This is a concept that so many women struggle with as we have been taught that this is selfish. I will stand up and say this is one of the greatest lies to be repeated and sold.

When we constantly put others needs before our own we end up drained, overwhelmed, angry, depressed and a whole host of other symptoms. All you have to do is look at the number of our sisters that find themselves turning to prescriptions to feel better and know we have got it wrong! If you make the shift to putting yourself at the top of your list and making your own self-care a priority you have given your loved ones and this world more of yourself than you ever could by putting everyone else before you. This is a truth that I hold dear.

At this point in my life I am only able to host 2-3 retreats a year and I look forward to this time almost more than anything else that I offer. It is that special.

This is an opportunity for you, the call has been clear and our world is in a place where each one of us more than ever is beckoned to remember the power that we hold within our own hearts and the capacity of our beautiful minds to BE the CHANGE that is needed. Time away from it ALL in RETREAT is the very best way to either deepen the work that you have already begun or to step into this part of your journey in a most exciting way.

A retreat with a group of like-hearted women seeing and experiencing self in an expanded and enlightened way will forever change the course of your own life. This is an opportunity to come together and commune, share, explore, breakthrough, hold space, see & be seen.

We will utilize healing practices in ceremonial circles being supported by the powerful Sedona energy as well as tapping into and exploring the angelic realms for assistance on our journey together. We will fully surrender as a collective and allow ourselves to be guided as we open even more to receive.

We have called this retreat Rest & Renew as a reminder that our ability to let go and allow absolute REST within our bodies and our minds RENEWS our Spirit strengthening us to be the very best version of ourselves for this human journey.

Each morning we will explore the physical through movement to say yes to our bodies and show a love for the body that will help us remember this important partnership in our daily lives. You will have an abundance of time and space for silence and solitude as well as connection and commUNITY. Whatever you most require for YOUR retreat will be available for you.

Each afternoon we come together for Deep Rest using Yoga Nidra & Sound to give our bodies and our minds time and space for absolute surrender.

In the evenings we come together for Ceremony. The power of Ceremony lies within our ability to ALLOW Spirit to guide us and truthfully we never know exactly what will arise however it is always powerful and transformative for everyone involved. In these times we remember the ways of our ancestors and celebrate our connection with All That Is.

In addition you will be gifted with the most beautiful and nourishing vegetarian meals to assist in this journey we will take together. We have found the food to be such an important part of the retreat and we have a most beautiful mother/daughter team to provide for us during this retreat.

Jenny, Rachelle and myself and so excited for this time and can’t wait to share our time, attention and love with YOU!

Much Love & Many Blessings,

Retreat Details

February 8-11, 2024


Cost of the retreat includes a stunning location in the middle of Sedona’s beauty and power, Meals & Drinks (vegetarian options only), Morning Movement & Meditations, Afternoon Deep Rest Sessions, Powerful Ceremonial Circles, Solitude & Silence, Connection & CommUNITY.

Included with your retreat is a private Ananda Reiki session with Jenny & personalized Astrological Guidance with Rachelle.

This retreat has it ALL!

Payment & Cancellation Policy: Non-Refundable. Retreat space may be transferred if applicable. No cash refunds given for any reason. If you must cancel, a credit will be applied to your account at The Space to be used for a future retreat, event, or personal service. Refund amount based on timing of cancellations. Cancellations made within 1 week of retreat start date will result in no refund or credit. Payment Plan Option must be paid in full 6 weeks prior to retreat.

Accommodations Available



Available for $1888.


We have 1 shared space with a king bed.

Available for $2444 


We have 1 Private Room with a king bed.

Available for $2888



Treasure Milinovich

Treasure Milinovich is the Founder of The Space. She brings over 20 years as a Yoga, Meditation and Energetic Practitioner. Treasure has spent a lifetime in the pursuit and understanding of her own awakening, which has led her to facilitate holding space for others in a way that allows their own light to shine forth and a deeper understanding of Self to be realized. Treasure fully surrenders into the moment with Spirit allowing for a portal of love to be present while in session and ceremony.

Jen Chaney

Jen Chaney is an advanced Reiki practitioner, sound healer, and yoga teacher on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and awakening. Since she was young, she’s had a deep connection to angels and uses this to help guide and assist her in her healing work. Each session is intuitively guided as she works with her spiritual guides to help others remember their own True Self and healing abilities. Jen brings a unique approach into her Intuitive Body Work sessions including Reflexology and Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage along with Reiki.

Rachelle Rizzi

Rachelle Rizzi is an Intuitive Astrologer who helps you connect with your life purpose, gives you a more deep understanding of who you are, and helps with uncovering and overcoming personal challenging patterns, and limiting beliefs so you can step into your true potential. Rachelle is passionate about awakening the gifts of the soul through shadow work. Working through her own shadows has been the key to creating healing and transformation in her life. Her vision is the new paradigm to conscious growth and multidimensional realignment for greater attunement toward soul work. Her wish is to help you discover your own medicine by using the ancient and sacred practice of astrology.