Energy Healing

Our energy healing sessions are the facilitator’s I AM expression of ancient forms of healing with the intention to guide the flow of life force energy through the physical, energetic and etheric bodies. This is a profound experience of energetic transmutation and transmission to assist in aligning the client to their true nature.

Throughout time energy healing has proven to reduce stress and promote healing in the body, mind, and spirit, clearing and removing energy disruptions, managing and relieving pain, and opening up chakra points. At The Space we intentionally draw in the power of Divine Feminine energetic presence to create a sacred container together that allows space to dive deeper into a sense of connection, clarity, and love. Within this container you are safe to release what no longer serves and to reveal what is ready to be shown for your journey of awakening.

In our Energy Healing & Sound sessions we utilize the power of Sound to further deepen the experience of healing, rest and rejuvenation. Sound healing balances the energy in the body, cleanses the chakras, and promotes relaxation and stress reduction. The benefits of Sound can also help with anxiety, pain, clarity, memory, immunity, creativity and more. Utilizing sound bowls, drumming, chanting, gongs, and various other instruments allows for healing; physically, emotionally & spiritually.

In our Energy Healing & Relaxation session Jenny utilizes Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage. This is a holistic technique that uses gentle pressure on the head, face and scalp. It stimulates the body’s natural healing powers and improves sleep quality. Along with increased blood circulation, it also stimulates the movement of lymph, thus having a cleansing effect as well as proving to be an invaluable technique for relief of eye strain, headaches, insomnia, lack of concentration, and lethargy.

These sessions allow space for Divine Presence to serve in whatever way is needed for your journey NOW. With an open heart and mind you are able to receive powerful possibilities within this sacred container.

Crystal Heating Pad

To amplify the healing benefits of the 1:1 experience, your session will take place on a Gemstone Heating Pad integrating Far Infrared Rays, Negative Ion Therapy and PEMF Therapy in order to:

*Improve Immune System Functioning

*Reduce Inflammation & Chronic Pain

*Reduce Stress & Provide Deep Relaxation

*Provide Cellular Cleansing & Detoxification

*Enhance Well Being & Uplift Mood

*Accelerate Mending of Damaged Cells

Amethyst BioMat

What Our Clients Say...

Treasure is a shining light of love, acceptance and healing. The time I spent with her was filled with awareness and clarity. I absolutely loved my session and value the insight that was gained.

– Kate

I have had the privilege of having multiple private sessions at the Space with Treasure. Each session has provided me with the relaxation and energy healing to experience deep healing. The space has an atmosphere of safety and peace that allows for nothing less than magic to happen. Treasure has such a gift in connecting to your deepest desires to be free and at peace.

– Elizabeth

The Space and my time with Treasure has been exactly what I need and exactly when I need it. She has been guiding me through personal sessions where I have rediscovered a love for myself that I’d lost. Her healing hands and connection with the Divine is unparalleled, and I could not be more grateful for her time and talent.

– Raini

I had a wonderful healing energy session with Treasure. It was the most beautiful experience that I could ever expect. I came out of the session feeling like my soul had been hugged and just a great feeling of love and peace. She is one beautiful soul and I am extremely thankful for the gift that she is sharing with the world.

– Rena

This place is pure magic. If you’re ready for real shifts, exciting change, and a renewed sense of self…this is the place for you.

– Elicia

Treasure has created an environment of God-peace and presence in her special spa-like location. Who she IS promotes a desire to find those peaceful centers within one’s self. She has discovered many ways that can lead to a God-awareness and calmness that permeate deep into one’s soul. I would stay for hours in her session if I could.

– Sharon