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Join Us in Magical, Mystical Mount Shasta for
dedication to YOU and your Journey of Awakening.

Hello dear friend! We are so excited to offer this years retreat at the potent healing energetic vortex of Mount Shasta!

Mount Shasta will eventually call to you when you find yourself on the journey of Awakening and we are so excited to offer this opportunity for YOU.  The call has been clear and our world is in a place where each one of us more than ever is beckoned to remember the power that we hold within our own hearts and the capacity of our beautiful minds to BE the CHANGE that is needed. Time away from it ALL in RETREAT is the very best way to either deepen the work that you have already begun or to step into this part of your journey in a most profound way.

A retreat with an intimate group seeing and experiencing self with the assistance of Sacred Land will forever change the course of your own life. This is an opportunity to come together and commune, share, explore, breakthrough, hold space, see & be seen.

We utilize ancient practices in ceremonial circles as well as tapping into and exploring the deeper realms of consciousness using breath and sound in commune with Mother Earth to dive within connecting Self with Source in ways you may have yet to experience. We fully surrender as a collective and allow ourselves to be guided as we ALL continue to grow in awareness and remembering. We will serve one another as conduits for holding expanded space in ways we have yet to fully understand. If this speaks to your heart, this retreat is definitely for YOU!

We will immerse ourselves in the healing energy of this sacred land sharing in practice and ceremony as well as adventure. In addition to the time together as a group there will be plenty of private time for you to integrate and explore with Spirit on your own as we utilize the power of Silence throughout the property.

When we step more fully into this remembering our lives begin to flow in a way that creates more and more ease and grace. Each time that we say YES to ourselves in a way that gives SPACE to see and remember within our own heart we step closer and closer to this being our full time reality. A reality of peace, surrender, grace and love for ourselves, humanity, our earth and our Universe.

This retreat center was certainly Divinely Guided and is the most perfect way to experience such a magical destination; immersed with Mother Gaia. This 10 acre sanctuary is on the sacred land of the Karuk and Shasta tribes. The flowing creek hosts a rare convergence of purifying red and white minerals symbolizing the union of the masculine and feminine energies within each of us.

The intention and spiritual awareness that has developed this special place is rare with every detail created to support your personal journey. The stewards of this beautiful place have connected the unique energy points on the land, each offering different healing potential. These points become Hestia’s “chakra walk” and allow guests to connect deeply with the land and themselves to guide them on their personal journeys. View the Chakra Walk Map HERE.

Search within your own heart for the guidance you require and when you feel the YES step forward in faith for yourself. No one can do this for you, it is these moments that raise you up beyond the mundane and introduce you to the mystical, magical, loving Universe. There is so much to be seen, felt and experienced in this world when you release attachments to old and outdated belief systems, allowing Space for YOU to be YOU. It is through practice and dedicated times for spiritual discovery where you expand into new realms and are completely changed forever.

We look forward to the opportunity to walk beside you in this part of your journey.

Retreat Details

June 4-9, 2024 


Registration Extended to May 4th – Cost of the retreat includes lodging, all meals, vegetarian options only, daily movement, powerful ceremonial circles. There will also be opportunities for body work for an additional cost.

Cost of retreat DOES NOT include transportation to the Retreat Center.  Closest airports are Redding, CA or Medford, OR. Travel recommendations will be sent upon registration.

Payment plans available, please contact hello@thespaceaz.org. Payment & Cancellation Policy: Non-Refundable. Retreat space may be transferred if applicable. No cash refunds given for any reason. If you must cancel, a credit will be applied to your account at The Space to be used for a future retreat, event, or personal service. Refund amount based on timing of cancellations. Cancellations made within 1 week of retreat start date will result in no refund or credit. 

Accommodations Available


Only Option for Private indoor accommodations with in-suite bathroom. Queen Bed downstairs with optional twin bed in loft area for additional guest.

Feel your flow with this private cabin nestled in the woods by our sacred creek. Work with the water flow energy to cleanse, purify and move through your emotions. Enjoy the tranquility of camping with the comforts of this fully-equipped eco-cabin.

Additional Guest $888 which can be purchased in the store (only valid when purchased with a full price retreat option). Please email hello@thespaceaz.org to add your addional guest once the purchase has been made.

shared Yurts

There are multiple yurts on the land available.  Each yurt is 20 feet with room for up to 3 people with communal outdoor bathrooms.  Each yurt has a skylight dome to view the moon and stars in the evening.

We still have space available in the shared yurts.  Please email us or schedule a quick call so we can give you the details and best understand your needs for this retreat. Hello@TheSpaceAZ.org


Looking to commune more closely with nature and have a super affordable away to enjoy this retreat? We have glampsites available for 1-2 guests each.

​Get a peaceful night’s rest close to the earth in these large 10 by 14 foot canvas glamping tents. Each tent comes with a comfy full or twin foam mattress plus a night stand. You’ll have access to a communal outdoor kitchen and bathroom.

We have several glampsites available.  Please email us or schedule a quick call so we can give you the details and best understand your needs for this retreat.  Hello@TheSpaceAZ.org

What Our Clients Say...

I went to this retreat going in blind, not knowing anyone or having worked with Treasure. I felt called to just go and boy am I glad I did! Treasure and the other women who attended welcomed me with open arms and made me feel so comfortable. This allowed me to go far outside my comfort zone and trust myself to share in deep connection. Treasure was excellent at leading us through some profound inner journeys, She is an amazing teacher with great gifts! The accommodation and food were incredible. The best meals and juices I’ve ever had. Treasure and Kristen brought together a beautiful experience for all the women to energetically come together and co-create. The energy was just right and the intention was pure to feel completely held. Will definitely do this again!!

The Ananda weekend that I attended with Treasure was transformational. The accommodations were perfect for our group activities and also enough space for alone time for journaling. The house was very welcoming and the beds were more comfortable than what I have at home. Treasure brought a chef on the trip to prepare healthy meals that were also delicious. Every detail of the weekend was planning with personal growth and love in mind. I went into the weekend knowing it was exactly what I needed but not knowing what to expect, having never attended a healing retreat before. I came away with a deeper understanding of my place in the universe and of myself. I experienced deep connection with the other women on the trip and have stayed in touch since our weekend together. Treasure is expert at leading the group and bringing out the best in each person in attendance. I can’t recommend highly enough the Ananda Healing retreat. It’s truly magical!

Words could never express my gratitude to have been blessed with such a deeply life-changing experience. The entire weekend was designed to strengthen our connection within ourselves and with each other. Upon arrival, I immediately felt completely cared for and comfortable in the serene location. The food was beyond delicious and prepared so lovingly. I’ve been craving it nonstop ever since I got home.

As a self-proclaimed introvert, I must admit the idea of being on a retreat with people I didn’t know was a bit unnerving at first. I almost always prefer solitude. Plus, my spiritual exploration was in its infancy, and still felt very private. Despite my initial reservations, I knew I didn’t want to feel lost anymore. I certainly did not expect to have been surrounded by such beautiful, like-minded souls. That connection turned out to be one of my most precious take-aways from the entire weekend. The healing energy of the group was the catalyst I desperately needed to reach the next level in my spiritual journey. Any upward trajectory I had already been on was amplified exponentially through this magical experience. After a long weekend of healing spent with such loving & supportive women, I left feeling like I had found what I was looking for.

This experience goes beyond the absolute best gift I could have ever given myself; it continues to grow with each person I’ve encountered since. Even my most skeptical family members can’t help but notice the shift in me through our interactions – which just further validates my experience. I feel a connection to my inner wisdom, and a renewed motivation for life itself. I feel loved. I feel at peace. Thank you, Treasure. You are truly a vehicle for the Divine. This experience was exactly what I didn’t know I needed. I feel completely nourished: mind, body, and soul.