Messages From the Heart

  • Published On: January 31, 20242.5 min read

    On February 9th, 2024, the New Moon phase is upon us, a symbol of rebirth and renewal. It marks the beginning of a lunar cycle, in which we [...]

  • Love and Forgiveness from The Space

    Published On: January 21, 20245.2 min read

    It has been exactly 5 years since I experienced a profound sense of loss and sadness at the prospect of having lost The Space. At that time it [...]

  • Leo Full Moon

    Published On: January 21, 20242 min read

    The year's first full moon greets us on January 25th (my birthday) at 5 degrees of the dramatic and proud sign of Leo. Leading up to this full [...]

  • Capricorn New Moon

    Published On: January 7, 20242.9 min read

    We welcome the year's first New Moon at 20 degrees of Capricorn. This moon is helping to guide us in what's most important to us as we begin [...]

  • Pluto in Aquarius

    Published On: January 7, 20242.7 min read

    The year 2024 is no ordinary year in the astral realm. I'm calling 2024 (The Bridge), 2023 was a year of transition a waking up so to speak, [...]

  • New Year Message 2024

    Published On: December 31, 20235.6 min read

    The older I get, the wiser I become, the more that I turn towards the natural rhythms of this planet working in harmony with who I AM and [...]

  • Full Moon in Cancer

    Published On: December 24, 20232.2 min read

    December ends with our final Full Moon of 2023 in the nurturing and sensitive sign of Cancer. This is a time to tap into your emotions and release any [...]

  • New Moon in Sagittarius

    Published On: December 10, 20232.9 min read

    The month of December is offering beautiful lunations with the first being the New Moon in Sagittarius on December 12th, 2023. This moon brings in hope, fresh perspectives, [...]

  • Gemini Full Moon

    Published On: November 25, 20233.1 min read

    The November Full Moon in Gemini features an invitation to explore the realms of curiosity, open dialogue, and sharing ideas to bring a shift in perspective. Gemini is an [...]

  • New Moon in Scorpio

    Published On: November 13, 20233.8 min read

    A note first on Scorpio, because it's here in this season that we are called to face hidden agendas and the shadow for true alchemy.  Alice Bailey calls [...]