Sound Healing

Sound healing is an ancient practice that has traversed cultures and civilizations, rooted in the understanding that sound is not merely an auditory sensation, but a vibrational force that resonates through every layer of our being. By harnessing the power of sound frequencies, we tap into a dynamic realm where harmonious vibrations interact with our physical, mental, and emotional states.

At its core, sound healing operates on the principle of resonance – the phenomenon of one vibration influencing another.

The benefits of Sound Healing are amplified through active listening and can promote healing in: anxiety, stress, pain, clarity, memory, immunity, creativity and more. Everything in the known universe is vibrating at various frequencies. We are not only surrounded by these frequency emitting sounds, but we create our very own frequencies as well. With guided meditation and healing through the use of overtone emitting instruments like gongs, bowls, bells and chimes, we can allow our mind, body and spirit to cultivate a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation. This deep relaxation can encourage altered states of consciousness and help us move the blockages associated with:

  • Trauma, Anxiety, Stress, & Negative Emotions

While promoting:

  • Clarity, Mindfulness and Concentration

Sound can allow for healing; physically, emotionally & spiritually. We can utilize sound to help us return to our true nature. Together, we’ll curate a sound experience that targets your specific needs for healing and growth.

At The Space sound is at the heart of the majority of our offerings.  You can receive the power of Sound in our Private 1:1 offerings, Private Group offerings, Deep Rest, Gong Baths, Sacred Sound Journey or Ananda Reiki & Sound.

What Our Clients Say...

This place is the Real Deal! I always leave there feeling calm, expanded & centered. The space is welcoming & the instructors nurturing. As we begin or end the class I continue to hear others say that they have taken so many classes here that they loved so they keep exploring more. That speaks volumes. I am so grateful for this healing space. Come visit & you will understand what I mean. Then I will meet another kindred soul.

– Adrienne

The Space is a special place for me to practice yoga and the instructors I’ve experienced are all very competent and caring. I love the ease of their website to sign up for classes, and the beautiful spiritual emails I receive from Founder/Director, Treasure.

– Judi

Just lovely. I drive 40 minutes to go there, it’s that special. It was suggested by a grounded friend of mine. I find it a delightful, soothing, intimate space. It just FEELS GOOD. No pretentiousness, no “woo-woo” feeling, no one trying to be a “guru.” There’s no trying here, only being. It’s a big exhale for the duration of whatever class I have attended. It’s fine to chat with others who attend, it’s fine to be silent and just show up, BE, and leave without chat. You can just do whatever you need for yourself. AHH.

– Jennifer

I attended my first workshop at The Space for Heather Aroesty’s pranayama breath lab. It was incredible! The Space is gorgeous; I love the wall mural and candles, plus the store is full of goodies. Super good energy all around. Heather was very passionate and knowledgeable about breathwork and led us through a beautiful breath practice. She did a perfect blend of breathwork, movement, and meditation. It was such a special experience. I couldn’t recommend The Space and Heather more highly.

– Samantha

Once I moved over to cave creek I was needing to find a holistic community to practice yoga. I love that The Space offers everything that I was seeking for so long. Different forms of yoga, meditation, sound healing, and more. The Space is an enjoyable, free, loving, energetic, peaceful, safe space to practice, grow, let go, learn, heal, and socialize. I’ve never experienced such a wonderful place that’s cozy, warm, and inviting to have in my life. I definitely recommend those who are in search of or even have a slight interest to give The Space a try. Rather it’s for meditation, fitness, or whatever you’re needing there’s something for everyone. Peace, love, and light to you all.

– Quin

I LOVE the space. I travel over 25 minutes to get to them and every time it is so worth it! Their classes are amazing and their workshops are life altering. The various teachers all offer different ways of instructing so every class is unique! I LOVE the yin yoga classes AND instructors, sound healing has been amazing, the reiki and other modalities are some of the best I’ve received! So glad they manifested into my life!

– Ashley

A hidden gem in the desert!! I love the Space! I had an amazing experience with Chakra healing and the community meditation. I felt safe. supported, and encouraged to open myself up to my heart and releasing of my emotions to facilitate my deep healing. The Space, has a healing , nurturing, and positive vibe that draws me back for more. The variety of class and workshop offerings are amazing and their is something for anyone who is seeking spiritual , emotional and physical well-being. I am grateful for its offerings and blessed to join a community of amazing teachers and souls.

– Shelley

This is a warm and welcoming community of open hearts and minds. I felt I was right where I was meant to be upon each visit to the Space. I hope you will feel uplifted and renewed as I did with your visit.❤️

– Maureen

Such a gem! Truly unique and wonderful space for restoration!

– Jan

The teachers are so well qualified, encouraging all levels, and easy to follow, understand, and very friendly. I totally am grateful to find The Space Healing and will share the great news with all my yogis.

– Carolyn