Ascended Numerology

The Science of the Ancient Arithmancy

The Adventure of Your Soul in Form for this Lifetime. Ascended Numerology is an ancient science of arithmancy that assigns numerical values to letters. It is the original arithmancy science used by the Essene many many years ago using the numbers 0-12 to reveal the depth of your soul’s journey.

Your Sacred Sequence of Incarnation is the journey of the soul that intentionally choose to be in this potentiality, at this moment of linear time, in this form, at this moment of awakened presence. This calls forward your Master Soul Code becoming your Diamond Foundation.

Your Master Soul Code is the number that your soul’s resonance carries through the infinite sea of all the potentialities and all the experiences, of that which is the aspect of You. It is a continuum of all that you are. Your Diamond Foundation is where you begin as you walk through this lifetime. The Diamond of perfect balance.

It transcends the brain and ignites the You. It’s an activator to assist you to arise in this moment revealing that which is beyond your conscious knowing. We are all an ever-refining spiral of consciousness, and our soul is on an ever-refining spiral of expansion. Mastery Soul Charting is like putting a specific code to a specific pad lock that is unique to every single being. It’s a moment to anchor in the foundation of your Divine Mastery presence.

Your Session Includes:

  • Full Color PDF of your Personalized Ascended Numerology Report including:
  • Your Soul’s Diamond Foundation and Master Soul Code revealed
  • Complete Soul Chart showing alignments with the divine energy of this lifetime of experience
  • Full Interpretations of the Diamond Foundation numbers
  • Practices to assist you to claim the highest potential of your Diamond Foundation
  • Crystal and Mineral amplification guide for your soul code expansion
  • Application of your Sacred Sequence as it affects your physical body

Bonus! Specific answers to three personal questions!

What Our Clients Say...

An awakening, incredible experience with Leslie and her ability to communicate and express my chart in a way that anyone would understand. I feel eternally grateful.

Enlightening!  Leslie touched on so many things that felt so right! She truly opened and clarified parts of myself I knew were within but needed confirming.

“It has been a pleasure to work with Leslie. Her sense of humor and knowledge are contagious. She makes her classes and one on one sessions inviting and understandable. Before meeting Leslie, I had never heard of Ascended Numerology. Now Leslie has planted a seed to want to learn and practice more. The chart she interpreted revealed my “soul signature” and all its attributes with practices specific for me.

Thank you, Leslie for sharing your gifts and talents!!”