Awaken Ananda

A Women’s

Attunement Instensive

An Awakening Journey

Welcome my dear sister! I have come to fully understand that there are no accidents or coincidences and if you find yourself here today there is an opportunity calling out to assist in a deeper awakening of your Souls Journey. In the last few years I have awoken to the truth of who I AM and my own Souls Mission. This offering is the backbone of that mission. I have come to understand that our assigned task is to REMEMBER who we are and why we have chosen to BE here at this very interesting time in our Earths history. After uncovering my own power within I called the work I was offering Ananda Awakening. Ananda translates to Bliss; and this is the experience that I was having as well as many of the clients that I was working with and what I understood for myself was that I wanted to work at the deepest levels of awakening with others to assist in experiencing and remembering this transcendent state.

Connect for Self-love, Healing, Ceremony & Attunement.

If you have found yourself drawn to The Space and the energy that is being cultivated here your own Soul is calling out to be REMEMBERED! Whether or not the time is now for this type of expansion only you can know, what I do know to be true for you however is that if you dedicate time and energy to the project of YOU and you are committed to do whatever it takes to BREAK THROUGH the barriers that have been holding you back from the full expression of BEING this offering will provide you guidance and support for that endeavor.

It is a time for you.


The energy for expansion and awakening is HERE for us NOW. You have a choice to stay in the illusion of what is happening “out there” OR turn within and come to a full realization from your own experience and your own innate wisdom. You are invited to release old stories that have held you bound, you are invited to truly see and be seen. This is a time honored tradition of coming together in ceremony and utilize ancient healing techniques to clear out the old and welcome in a new way of thinking and being OR to expand upon the clarity that you have already been receiving. You are being called to awaken the wisdom within and see the truth of who you are…of who we all are.


Through our time together we will work with the energy of attunement and transmission. Opening up within you a completely empowered way of being in and with Universal Life Force energy. As a Reiki Master I have attuned many people in the tradition of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki however I have expanded far beyond the traditions of that practice and now draw from not only my experience with Reiki but the use of powerful and ancient coded healing language, the frequency of the etheric realms and knowledge from the mystery schools.


During our time together we begin where you are on your journey.  Whether you are new to this work or have been working on your own healing and awakening for some time.  Spirit guides me throughout our time honoring and supporting your journey in Divine Timing.   Each person that I work with is unique therefore the work and the guidance is unique to you.  We use powerful energetic transmutation, transmission and release through deep meditative states, energetic attunements, divinely guided connection & conversation with ongoing support & love. I will work as an energetic partner in holding space through this powerful time, allowing you the opportunity to expand and remember in an intimate and safe space calling you to be fully authentic. We will come together over a 6 month period of time for eight in-person sessions.  During this time you will have direct access to me to support and guide you along the way.  You will receive frequent personalized practices and inspirations as I am guided to share.  This intensive is the more comprehensive and complete offering as I pull from over 25 years of my own work, exploring and engaging several different modalities of healing work to support this transformative journey with you.

In our world today is it our ability to connect on a deeper level to the Self that will allow us to transcend the energies that conspire to keep us in a place of separation, darkness, fear and ignorance. As we remember the being of light and love that is our true nature; I AM comes to the forefront and guides us lovingly and gently back home to the place of freedom, peace, surrender and trust. It is the highest calling of my own Divine Presence to hold space with you and for you as you REMEMBER & AWAKEN.

Much Love & Many Blessings,

As I stand in the truth and totality of the I AM presence… the I AM presence that is YOU sees, feels and experiences the truth within and for yourself.

Let’s Connect and Explore Together

Love From Clients...

I Feel Found!

I am honored and grateful to have been apart of the Ananda Attunement with Treasure. Her honesty and transparency in sharing the path she walks set the stage for transformation on a deep level. I experienced profound release and a deeper understanding of what stood in the way of my greater good. In a ceremonial way she held the intention to honor each person to experience the transfer of healing energy. Treasure allowed the power of the feminine to nurture and guide us to new awarenesses. As a Reiki master myself I experienced the freedom of becoming and living more fully present.

I have been offered many opportunities to investigate Reiki further however no program has ever felt right (a weekend to transcend and heal just didn’t seem like enough to me). I’m filled with gratitude that this opportunity presented itself to me! It was so much more than I had hoped it would be. I went into the program with an open mind and having done no research and I’m so glad I did! Learning about the foundations, the daily practices, the long term goals and possibilities; awakening indeed. While I don’t plan on offering these services myself, I have enjoyed using them at home and am in AWE over how much my anxiety has lessened and when it arises I am able to stay in my body and address it.

​Treasure is an ethical, passionate, unique teacher/mentor who remains humble despite being such a gift. I cannot recommend this program enough!

Ananda training was an amazing experience! Thank you Treasure for your integrity, knowledge and spiritual guidance. Your passion and dedication is beyond words. I couldn’t be more grateful to have found such an intuitive, powerful healer and Master/Teacher. You are so inspiring and I look forward to future courses with you.

The Space provides a loving atmosphere to connect to your Spirit and fellowship with truly amazing people. The energetic attunement led by Treasure was a one of a kind experience to tap into my own personal power. I left with the confidence to trust my intuition and knowledge to put it into action. I am so grateful to have this community.