Intuitive Astrology

Are you ready to discover your unique path of authenticity, profound understanding of self, and living in flow with life?

Let’s work together using astrology medicine to empower you on your life’s journey. Rachelle is passionate about transforming the shadows of the past into our most potent healing superpowers.

Through her own journey of alchemy, she has emerged as an Intuitive astrologer & spiritual healer. Using Astrology as a way within, Rachelle supports clients to step into their true Purpose, Power & Potential… for the Highest Good of all.


“Connect to your Alchemical powers, and become your own medicine by attunement with self-discovery of your true self

through the ancient language of astrology”

In this signature Alchemy Soul Reading, we’ll explore specific areas of your chart that will help unlock your authentic power and connect you with your limitless potential.

Through intimate conversations, we’ll collaborate to clarify your personal soul compass energy, find inner purpose, and clear the shadows on your path. This type of reading is meant for you to feel supported and guided on your pathway to enlightenment. I work with the centaur Chiron and the North and South Nodes along with the outer planets – to bring you more in attunement with your soul work and help you discover how to heal yourself and learn to be your own medicine.

Shadow work calls for you to connect with your inner workings and to be aware of your unconscious psyche. We are all made of light and dark: when we are willing to face and transform our shadow, we have the potential to move past the limiting beliefs and patterns that are holding us back from living in alignment with your soul’s purpose.

As a Soulful Astrologer, my goal is to help you understand your patterns and life lessons, recognize when you get in your own way, embrace your inner guidance and healing abilities, to become all your soul intended to be during this lifetime.

Rachelle’s readings offer a deep understanding of the complex interplay between planetary influences and human lives, helping you unlock your highest potential.  Embrace the wisdom of the stars and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery.



Rachelle’s powerful, deep-dive classes are an amazing place to start, especially for those interested in learning Astrology.



Work 1-on-1 with Rachelle
for 3 months using astrology medicine to empower you
on your life’s journey.


Embrace the wisdom of the stars and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery.


Get 3 sessions of 60 minutes Zoom call each session, designed to take you deeply into YOU.

Spiritual Alchemy is connected with freeing your spiritual self from your fears, limiting belief systems, and lack of self-acceptance. Alchemy is the art of transformation, inner liberation, and change.

Astrology, an incredibly powerful tool to better understand yourself and your relationship to the natural cycles of life.

By fusing Astrology with psychic insights, you will be activated on your path of highest purpose.

Rachelle’s mission is to inspire, activate, & empower your inner guidance and medicine, heal & awaken your divine consciousness to step into your true potential.

What Our Clients Say...

My reading session with Rachelle gave me the exact clarity I was looking for during a time when I was experiencing big shifts in my personal and professional life.

Through her astrology knowledge and intuitive gifts, she provided me with in-depth insights into the placements and transits in my chart that gave me deeper understanding of my core wounds and soul gifts, and where I was being called to heal and take aligned action in my life.

I was honored to receive a reading from Rachelle as I had been coming up against some resistance and experiencing levels of confusion that I had not had in some time. I wasn’t sure what to expect as astrology readings have not proven in the past to offer much for me

Working with Rachelle was like nothing I had ever received before. It was like she had a window into my soul and it was so interesting to me how the stars knew so much about me and were aligned so perfectly with what I had been seeing on my own. She has such a beautiful gift and confirmed so much of what I have been receiving from my guides and visions and provided such a feeling of peace for my continued journey of trust.