On February 9th, 2024, the New Moon phase is upon us, a symbol of rebirth and renewal. It marks the beginning of a lunar cycle, in which we are encouraged to tap into our intentions and dreams. It’s a moment of stillness to release the past, embrace the present, and envision the possibilities that lie ahead.  The moon will be in the sign of Aquarius which is all about forward-thinking, progressive, and humanitarian qualities. Aquarius speaks to breaking free from the constraints of the past, fostering a sense of community, open-mindedness, and the pursuit of unconventional ideas.  This moon brings with it the promise of revolutionary awakenings and energies, enhanced by a powerful square aspect with the unpredictable and innovative planet Uranus. This configuration highlights a desire to break free from inauthentic aspects of our lives and awaken toward a revolutionary re-imaging of our existence. 


Change is upon us and we are beginning to feel it more and more. With one of the biggest transits of this year, Pluto’s recent ingress into Aquarius on January 20th, igniting our journey into the new paradigm, and also the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus stationing direct in Taurus on January 27th. The cosmic backdrop with this moon is already so strong, that a profound shift is taking place in the distribution of power – a shift towards the empowerment of the people in a more profound way. Individuals are drawn to connect with their tribes, forging communities and a sense of unity and collaboration. This is the energy of Aquarius, inviting us to dance with change, innovation, and the spirit of individuality. Uranus in Taurus is asking us to connect with pure divine intelligence and embody it. To awaken our senses with what matters around our values, possessions, and relationships.

This lunation is a catalyst for radical change, and personal revolution, challenging us to embrace a different approach to self-expression. So basically anything that feels inauthentic and no longer resonates with us cannot hold space in our lives anymore. For those who cling to the comfort of what’s familiar, this lunar alignment signals a wake-up call, to embrace the inevitability of change. I feel this will be a theme for 2024, challenging us to step out of our comfort zones, break free from stagnation, and open ourselves to the revolutionary winds blowing through the universe personally and collectively. 

  Emotionally we could feel restless, eager for change, unpredictable emotions may arise, a yearning for liberation. This is big, it’s an opportunity for us to observe how we relate to uncertainty, chaos, disruption, and not knowing. Our desire to rebel from what no longer is authentic will exponentially increase. This new moon will inspire us to revolutionize the way we show up in life, challenging us to do things differently. As we plant seeds of our intentions during the moon, may we be inspired to embrace our individuality, challenge the norms, and contribute to a future that reflects the essence of progress and unity. 

Wishing you a blessed New Moon,