The year’s first full moon greets us on January 25th (my birthday) at 5 degrees of the dramatic and proud sign of Leo. Leading up to this full moon, there has been lot’s going on and the energies are extreme. Most notably, Pluto that just recently moved into Aquarius on January 20th. This has been a BIG shift bringing in brand new frequencies for our evolution.  As Pluto finished up it’s tour through Capricorn, and joined with the Sun at the very last degree of Capricorn, the intensity has been full-on and there has been a lot to process.

This Full Moon will be opposite Pluto in Aquarius, presenting a potent lunation to feel into these new frequencies and ground them in our hearts.  Leo is ruled by the Sun and governs over our heart center. Leo connects us with creativity, self-expression, and individuality. It radiates a vibrant energy that encourages us to shine our unique light and embrace our passions. This moon will highlight these qualities as well potentially being very emotional and intense, stirring up deep feelings and revealing what’s been hidden in the shadows or secrets coming to light.

The Full Moon in Leo, is associated with the archetype of the Divine Child. It brings forth a powerful reminder in the mist of what may seems dark, fearful, or a mystery that we remember the significance of play, spontaneity, humor, and innocence in our lives. This energy encourages us to tap into the joyous and carefree spirit that is often embodied by the archetype of the divine child. This is how we can shift the world trajectory in a positive direction, we have to get creative.

The moon will be in a square with Jupiter in Taurus, which is a dynamic tension that calls for integration of self expression along side personal growth, asking that we transcend limitation that we create in our own mind, by embracing a higher consciousness, finding balance between the mind and the heart, and considering the collective impact of our individual growth. When we align ourselves with alchemy we can contribute to the manifestation of a new and harmonious earth.

This is a Full Moon to get anchored in your creative powers, your loving heart, and use this energy in the most healing of ways to be in service to a more beautiful future.

Wishing you a blessed Full Moon!

With love, Rachelle