December ends with our final Full Moon of 2023 in the nurturing and sensitive sign of Cancer. This is a time to tap into your emotions and release any energies you no longer want to carry.  Cancer is ruled by the moon and is associated with emotions, home, family, and the deep urge for a sense of security both emotionally and physically. This moon encourages us to explore our innermost feelings, fostering a connection with our roots and seeking emotional fulfillment. Revelations about what changes might be needed to improve these areas in your life, and collectively, might emerge. I like to think this lunation has the potential to be very nurturing for the soul as we come to a close of 2023.


Saturn the taskmaster of the zodiac currently in the sign of Pisces, will be in a trine to this moon, this creates a supportive link of compassion, intuition, and to be spiritually attuned with our emotional insights and intuitive nudges that can be channeled into practical, disciplined actions. This is a beautiful energy to find emotional grounding and structure, allowing for the manifestation of our heartfelt aspirations.  Adding a touch of abundance to this lunation is a sextile to Jupiter in Taurus, our planet of expansion and optimism. This allows us to embrace our emotions and start to bring in what truly nurtures our well-being, we can tap into the potential for material and emotional fulfillment. This energy helps you to focus on the glass is half full, or makes it easier to appreciate what you have, rather than focus on what you’re missing. It also gives the support of what you are aiming for in 2024. Who are you aiming to become as a state of being? Except Quantum leaps taking place in 2024.


It’s a time to honor our emotional needs, find stability in our endeavors, and open ourselves to the bountiful possibilities that Jupiter’s influence brings. This full moon invites us to blend intuition with practicality and cultivate a sense of security that extends from the depths of our emotions.  Another aspect to notice is Mercury Rx continues to square Neptune which adds to the dreamlike nature of this full moon. Try to keep your feet on the ground and approach conversations and decisions with patience and a discerning mind.


Use this Full Moon in Cancer to heal your heart and give yourself the self-care you need to replenish your soul and prepare yourself for the new shifts in 2024.


Wishing you a nurturing Full Moon and Merry Christmas, see you in 2024!

With Love! Rachelle