A note first on Scorpio, because it’s here in this season that we are called to face hidden agendas and the shadow for true alchemy.  Alice Bailey calls this archetype where we are ‘reborn’ onto the path of discipleship, ready to move into soul alignment in Sagittarius (the following sign). In Scorpio, we engage in tests that allow us to merge our soul and personality, and ultimately to have the right relationship to power, within ourselves and with others. But getting to a state of union between the higher and lower self? That takes work and testing. We need to prove ourselves, again and again. That we are strong in the face of temptation. Scorpio is where this battle is waged, these tests are taken.

Scorpio season showcases the energies of Mars and Uranus front and center. The world is currently holding an immense amount of anger, frustration, and grief, and our New Moon in Scorpio on November 13th ushers in an explosive lunar cycle of change. It’s an invitation to plunge into the depths of our souls and unearth our innermost desires. Even though we are done with the eclipses, with this new moon we are still in store for major change for profound personal growth, unveiling a hidden truth and sudden changes that could feel disruptive. This energy will be very powerful as well as potentially frustrating. We may feel more aggravated and irritable. I’ve written before about how the rest of 2023 is about feeling like we are at a crossroads. We are being pushed to make choices and where we choose is what we are giving power to. This is likely to be an erratic week in the global news and media, so tend to yourself and your emotional state with care. 

Scorpio’s energy is about transformation, rebirth, and deep emotional exploration, but it’s also about control.  Mars the ruler of this moon is in intense opposition with Uranus in Taurus, our planet of surprise and disruption.  This indicates that our intention setting may not go as planned.

This New Moon is also in opposition to Uranus, creating an energy of surprising and sudden revelations that disrupt our sense of stability and security.  There will be a clash between wanting to take bold action and a need to keep things safe and grounded. There could be big sudden shifts in finance, values, and personal relationships. Expect the unexpected! 

Now add more intensity to this lunation is Mars, Scorpio’s ruling planet, is conjunct with this moon, amping up the frustration and volatility. This energy is pulling on something deep inside, emotions or hidden agendas that want us to propel forward with assertiveness and relentless drive to go after what we want. We may act out impulsively, or feel like things are out of control.

This is a time to physically take action to get you out of stagnation and frustration that is continuing to build up. Think about what is frustrating you and who. What is the source of an area of anger?  This is where you can create the change that is needed. If not, Uranus will be the driving force in creating the change for us. Fixed signs will be feeling this the most (Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, Taurus). 

On a lighter note, Mars will also be in a harmonious aspect with Neptune weaving energy of inspiration and spiritual insight, connecting us to our inner dreams.  Channel this firey energy to journey into the depths of your soul, and embrace the courage of rebirthing something new about your true self.

It’s important to know that oppositions between Mars and Uranus can work for or against us! If we remain conscious, we can experience sudden creative breakthroughs and dynamic bursts of physical energy that empower us to achieve anything we set our sights on. And when we take these actions, with compassion and the good of all concerned, it can take us further than when we do things for selfish reasons.

While we cannot control the world around us, we are each endowed with the ability to transform our behaviors, patterns, and perceptions that keep us isolated in toxic patterns of stagnation and resentment.  Ultimately, this New Moon in Scorpio is giving us great power for our intentions and taking action.

Wishing you a Powerful New Moon!


Shared by Rachelle Rizzi. Rachelle is a gifted intuitive astrologer & Reiki Facilitator. She uses her Astrology tools and channels guides to help others connect with their life purpose and gain a deeper understanding of themselves. Rachelle offers Alchemy Soul Readings by Zoom or in person at The Space.