The Cancer New Moon arrives on July 17, 2023, and brings with it very dramatic and powerful energies. This cosmic medicine holds tremendous transformative potential, as it merges with the nurturing and intuitive New Moon in Cancer, ushering in a new start wherever you have cancer in your chart.

The Cancer New Moon, like all New Moons, represents a new beginning in our lives and an opportunity to create a clean, fresh slate. A New Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon come together in the sky, creating dynamic opportunities and energy for us to work with. This Moon energy highlights our emotional needs of others, and our family and home life come into focus as well as a desire to deepen the emotional bonds with those closest to us.

But this New Moon has a very special signature that is sure to have us riding the emotional waves. On top of this very powerful New Moon, the North Node of Destiny moves into Aries on the same day, which brings major personal and collective shifts until January 11th, 2025. I did a pre-recorded presentations on the impact this nodal shift will have on us as a collective and personally.

Creating intentions is always a powerful thing to do come New Moon time, and this moon calls for you to drop into your sacred place and set your intentions and ideas from a place of inner trust. Because the Moon is in its home sign, this should be easy and a great time to set intentions on building your connection to your inner knowing and intuition. The moon in Cancer is naturally intuitive which comes when we connect with our inner feelings and this energy is amplified with valuable connections to psychic Pluto and mystical Neptune. n

Pluto, our planet of transformation, power dynamics, and the process of death and rebirth, is highly active under this New Moon causing our emotional landscape to be thrust into the spotlight. Pluto is also squaring the nodes (our soul’s compass) which may trigger intense emotions, bringing buried fears and insecurities to the surface. This creates a feeling of being at a crossroads and the need to see if you are coming from a place of fear or love, are you going to fall into victim mode or become a creator? This energy also is an opportunity for healing and empowerment, as we confront and release what no longer serves us.

The Moon will be in harmony with Neptune in Pisces creating a grid of light in connecting to your spiritual self and to honor your emotions, and a sextile to Uranus, activating the higher mind through cosmic wisdom and offering up insights that could help guide us on which direction the universe is calling us towards.

The energy of this New Moon invites you to liberate yourself from any emotional attachments that are holding you back, to trust yourself, and to think about new unique ways of approaching how you nurture yourself and foster emotional security. Create your intentions and watch the magic happen as we build towards the next full moon energy.