The Capricorn Super Full Moon arrives on July 3, 2023, and I feel will be quite pleasant. Super Full Moons are when the moon is closest to Earth and within its orbit, so there is more gravitational pull which feels more potent with our feelings. The energy is encouraging us to do the hard things but is also promising we will be pleasantly rewarded when we do. It’s a time to take a realistic look at our lives, particularly regarding our careers, our reputation, and what we are building.

Capricorn is an earth sign ruled by Saturn, this brings a sense of structure, discipline, and responsibility to the forefront. The moon is illuminating light on our ambitions, goals, and long-term plans. Saturn is helping to secure and stabilize something for the long haul. If you experience more of a sense of restriction or delays, Saturn is teaching you how to patiently persevere and remain committed to your goals. Capricorn is the sign of manifestation, what are we building for the future of our lives and also who are we wanting to become or refine?

Coming through the energy of the Summer Solstice we find ourselves at the midpoint of the year, where the energy suggests pausing and reflecting, inspiring us to re-evaluate our focus and direction for the year. It’s an opportunity to assess what is working and what may require adjustments or release.

The moon in Capricorn opposite the sun in Cancer is highlighting the importance of balancing our personal and professional lives. It calls for an integration of our emotional needs, with our ambitions and aspirations, finding harmony between finding safety and fulfillment as we tap into our drive for achievement.

The moon will also show and put a spotlight on what is not working anymore. There is an unearthing of what is no longer for our highest good, especially around power dynamics and authority. Saturn the ruler of this Moon is currently retrograde in Pisces also showing disillusionment and deception, giving us a reality check on those themes. Saturn is also prompting us to reflect on our soul purpose and our spiritual authority.

It’s essential to take stock and reflect on your long-term plans. Think about whether your goals are truly aligned with your authentic self and whether your current approach is giving you the results you desire. This lunation asks for an evaluation of past achievements, as well as to celebrate your current progress and make any necessary adjustments to ensure you stay on the path that resonates with your soul’s purpose. We may feel the pull to redefine our boundaries, release outdated beliefs or structures, and realign our lives with a more authentic expression of our souls.

Jupiter our planet of luck and opportunities in Pisces forms a harmonious aspect with this moon, infusing optimism, faith, and a deep sense of spirituality. The energy is offering up healing and the wisdom you have gained, as well as a higher consciousness a reminder to keep trusting in the divine timing of your goals and dreams and to allow yourself to expand and build the life your heart desires.

Embrace the power of this earthy Super Full Moon and let its grounding essence guide you toward a path of success and alignment with your higher purpose.

Shared by Rachelle Rizzi. Rachelle is a gifted intuitive astrologer. She uses her Astrology tools and channels guides to help others connect with their life purpose and gain a deeper understanding of themselves. Rachelle offers Alchemy Soul Readings by Zoom.