This is a reminder.

The collective as we have known it is transforming.

We are accumulating our individual knowledge, wisdom, and experiences of the separate self into the conscious mind.

We are remembering the I AM that is each of us.

There is a call circling the planet that tunes us towards our inner most self, the self connected to the Divine/God/Source/Origin.

This call is a transmission of activation. It is a feeling — a vibration — to speak directly to the lightwarriors, gridworkers, healers, and divine essence within each of us.

Have you been feeling your life is meant for something bigger than you currently experience? Does it feel like it is getting closer? Perhaps even seeing remnants and aspects of this life coming in right now?

This is what is being shown.

This is what is being activated and risen from the darkness that has been perpetuating this realm.

YOU are being called within.

To connect with you inner most self, to connect with your higher power, and your mission you knew with such surety before you passed through the veil to forget.

We are all being asked to remember.

Remember who you are.

This remembrance is not an answer but a constant question of “Who Are You?” in each moment.

Know you are a multidimensional being that transforms and shifts between states of being with such fluidity that we’ve forgotten our innate power.

We are being guided by our higher selves, our guides, our galactic families, and ancestors to remember our truths. As each of us has a puzzle piece to speak to, our stories hold the treasure trove of the universe.

Remember who you are.

Anchor into your knowing that this life is a big question, designed to be experienced as individual “separate selves” transmitting back to our origin of creation.

Remember. Who. You. Are.

Get curious. Get playful!

As we open to life, life opens to us.

Transmission channeled on 24 April, 2023

Shared by Landon Grant. Landon is a somatic-based practitioner with a focus on uniting energy and physical bodies. He takes the healing journey into a space that is filled with depth, playfulness, and pure magic that makes you WANT to deep dive into your shadows. He is the modern-day Merlin and cosmic shaman that will guide you lovingly into the blind spots you weren’t seeing.