How has Eclipse Season been going for you so far? As you have heard me say many times, Eclipses are one of the most dynamic periods of change and transformation. Our destinies are shifting right before our eyes, and on May 5th we’ll have a Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio that I feel will be the most intense Eclipse of 2023.

What is ending in your life? What is beginning?

This Eclipse is about endings and purging. Eclipses our course correctors that ensure we stay on the path of what our soul needs. Not what we think we want. This is a South Node Eclipse which means it activates themes of release and letting go. Scorpio is the sign of fixed water, so the feelings it awakens will run deep. Things lying dormant in the subconscious, such as trauma, fears, inhibitions, and early childhood pain could emerge. The universe wants us to become aware of our subconscious issues that may need to be addressed and released.

What self-defeating behaviors or limiting beliefs are holding you back from being your most authentic self and living the life of your dreams?

This lunation is about sitting with the acceptance that whatever is leaving your life, is meant to go. This isn’t the moment to start new projects or crowd your calendar. This is a time to create space for old feelings or memories to rise to the surface. Allow necessary endings to occur. Don’t be fearful of letting go of what no longer is aligned with your journey. The cycle of death, transformation, and rebirth is especially potent now, and realizations can awaken areas of the mind and soul to profound truths that impact our path of destiny. It’s important to understand this energy is to move you forward. It’s an energetic cosmic push to take you out of stagnant energies and old patterns.

Eclipses show what’s been hidden, when revealed our deeper capacities are activated.

A Lunar Eclipse can be intense and even challenging and especially when it activates the personal planets of one’s chart. Lunar eclipses, like full moons, are revealing. They can reveal a truth often in a dramatic way in order to let you learn things that change your life course.

This eclipse will be opposite Uranus in Taurus which adds a flavor of disruption, shaking things up to get your attention. There could be an unexpected situation or event that causes you to realize that you need to let something go, or you have known about something that concludes a story you’ve been living with for a while and you start to have more insight. Mercury is also in retrograde during this eclipse which could have issues coming to the surface from the past, or you intuitively knew that something wasn’t right all along and needs attention. When Mercury is retrograde during any New or Full Moons we sometimes have a delayed outcome, the solution or direction shows up once Mercury stations direct.

In traditional astrology, eclipses are times to lay low and take it easy.

This is the last eclipse in Scorpio for many years, so there is relief in that. No matter what surfaces during this final Scorpio eclipse, you have the opportunity to reflect on the resources you need to move through it. Overall, the total lunar eclipse in Scorpio will likely be a powerful and transformative event. It may be challenging at times, but it has the potential to bring about deep healing and growth. This is a time to trust the transformative power of this eclipse energy and to be open to the changes that are unfolding. Remember to be gentle with yourself and practice self-care during this time of intense energy.

Embrace your shadow self:

This can be a time of deep healing and transformation if you’re willing to do the work.

Release old patterns:

Let go of old patterns that are holding you back, particularly those related to power dynamics, control, and obsession. This can be challenging, but it’s necessary for growth.

Connect with your Intuition:

Connect with your intuition and inner guidance. Take time to meditate, journal, or do other practices that help you tune into your inner voice.

Cultivate deep connections:

Have meaningful conversations, express your vulnerabilities, and be open to receiving support from those you trust.

Honor the cycles of life and death:

Scorpio is associated with the cycles of life, death, and rebirth. Honor the natural cycles of life for a deeper sense of acceptance and surrender.